Platform teams are commonly created to provide a single place for fixing common problems. An example could be: linking your cloud’s account to the organization’s single-sign-on environment. This solution creates efficiency, you will not spend money on the same task over and over again. In many companies, this is a common rationale behind funding a platform team. It’s really easy to get a business case together for this efficiency. However, we want to stress that we need to go the extra mile to not only move work to platform teams but create more synergy using platform teams.

A brief history of the rise of platform teams

To understand where…

“from batteries included to batteries as service mesh”

Our stack has evolved. In this article I will provide a perspective on how we deal with abstractions, components, and composability when we are building applications. Our stack has changed in twenty years from application development frameworks with ‘batteries included’ to decentralised composable libraries ten years later and to composable service meshes now.

This article is my reflection on the transition of application development frameworks. Even the concept of an ‘application development framework’ is becoming old and is replaced with ‘stack’. I like to stop and reflect where we came from and…

Timestream hit general availability last year September. A timeseries database as a serverless offering was something I was really looking forward to. This blog covers my first experiences using this database offering.

AWS Timestream’s offering

Amazon Timestream is a new time series database for IoT, edge, and operational applications that can scale to process trillions of time series events per day up to 1,000 times faster than relational databases, and at as low as 1/10th the cost.

AWS pushes the services as a low-cost serverless solution for storing timeseries data. It has a familiar concept of databases and tables, and especially handy is…

Spreadsheets are at the core of every small business to large enterprise. You can walk into any office to ask about where people keep a record of ‘x's, and you will likely hear, ‘we have an Excel sheet for that’. This article shows an approach on how to deal with them using AWS Honeycode!

The digitization or automation of a process using packaged software or custom software is very expensive. Even worse, we sometimes don’t get it right, and sometimes even the second time we try it. That’s why our industry has gotten agile ways of improving this process. We need to reduce the chance of failure or adopt a new approach as early in the process as we can.

In my professional career as an engineer performing digitalization in these businesses, I have witnessed that spreadsheets are the go-to tool at almost every level of an organization. On many occasions, our digital revolution…

Serverless technology offers competing time to market, better performance scalability, best-in-class platform technology, financial scalability, and a better platform for experimentation and innovation.

Next time if somebody mentions low-code, please also consider this to be an excellent opportunity to choose a Serverless technology stack!

In the software industry trends come and go. Some trends are more like cycles that repeat themselves. Like the discussion on packaged software versus custom software. Every ten years or so the general opinion on whether to choose custom software versus packaged software changes. It’s also heavily influenced by industry-specific trends and it's regional as well. …

If you are doing a lot of IoT messaging in AWS, chances are you are using AWS’s IOT Core. At this point, the support of IoT Rules is missing on topics of Cloudwatch logs and Timestream rules. Timestream is a really new offering so it makes sense the API has not caught up with integrating with this product.

However, it’s awful that something as fundamental to AWS as Cloudwatch has such limited support. You can define an action to write metrics to Cloudwatch using the API though. It’s writing logs that are missing from CDK’s API. Which for me is the goto action as error action if your regular action fails.

Use aws-cli-js to use Typescript to use AWS cli commands to manage your rules

Scripting IOT Rules with Typescript and aws-cli-js library

There are numerous options to choose from when you want to script these IoT rules. A CDK custom-resource would be one option. Bash with AWS…

In the past fifteen years, I found that numerous projects rely on some predefined database values. Think about lists of postal codes, countries ,etc. If you are into infrastructure as code like me, AWS CDK on Typescript offers a decent development experience. However sometimes you will end-up out of luck by missing Cloudformation (and therefore CDK) support. This article will show how you can leverage CDK to insert into DynamoDB on a CDK deploy. It will display two ways of writing, using AwsSdkCall for singular rows, or batch writes for multiple.

AwsCustomResource with AwsSdkCall workings

In this code example we will use AwsSdkCall together…

This article provides some ready made AWS Timestream configuration as code examples using Typescript CDK code snippets. Over the past months I got the chance to use one of AWS latest additions to their already impressive database offering called Timestream. Being a big fan of infrastructure automation I needed to configure this database using code. I found out first-hand that there are not many examples out there on scripting Timestream automation. Even though it’s not the hardest AWS services to automate deployment for, it still took some experimentation to get to get it to acceptable level. …

Event Storming has caught me by surprise in the way how it boosts a project’s startup and in the way the business can connect to it. I really enjoy the rare moment where a software development process really connects well to the business. It has a unique quality where it makes stakeholders and participants more equal. In a world dominated by technology and all these agile and DevOps processes that for most people are still ‘out of this world’ it’s nice to been offered a tool to be connected. But what happens after the high of an Event Storming workshop…

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