Software development in the 2020s

2000s — Application frameworks with batteries included

Java Class Library

The 2010s — Decentralised composable libraries

The 2020s — Batteries as service mesh

  • Be open to cloud adoption. Generic cloud platforms are ahead in offering many of the basic primitives that make up the ‘infrastructure’ of your applications. I expect more openness and collaboration to be possible the next few years, but at this point sticking to a cloud provider for core infrastructure gives the best developer experience.
  • Add peripheral mesh services. By peripheral I mean services outside of the cloud vendor’s offering. Services like Sentry can (partly) replace AWS’s Cloudwatch and X-Ray. Auth0 is a nice alternative to AWS’s Cognito. Google Cloud Platform’s Firestore is a nice example of a serverless offering which is open to 3rd party collaboration.
  • Adopt a general purpose scripting languages like Javascript (or Typescript), or Python. This offers the easiest adoption for cross-service provider api’s.
  • Think about developer en runtime ease of use. Multi-cloud solutions can be difficult to monitor, debug, and trace.




Software delivery and cloud enthousiast

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Kevin van Ingen

Kevin van Ingen

Software delivery and cloud enthousiast

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